Plan, Design, Test & Fail Fast

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  • Design Thinking & Sprint approach
  • For product & UX/UI professionals
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Why do people love us?

“All your videos for Vision and Discover are awesome. Alvin perfectly explains it.”

Profile picture of Anita, a Relab Academy Student
Relab Academy Student

“I’m glad that I found a really educative channel. Good content and mentorship.”

Profile picture of Yurii, a Relab Academy Student
Relab Academy Student

“Alvin and his team were amazing to work with. The result was a custom-made app that saw a 280% increase in activity in the first 10 days.”

Profile picture of Luisa, a Relab Studios Client
Relab Studios Client

“Relab was instrumental in helping us build a high-fidelity mobile app prototype.”

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Relab Studios Client

What is this course about?

Discover a better way to refine an idea, understand your users, create product plans, and build a prototype that customers will love – all in record speed.

Why should you enrol in this course?

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Proven product design process from idea to prototype

  • We’ve used this method with leading brands in Australia.
  • Based on Design Thinking and Design Sprint principles.
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High-value strategy saving you time and money

  • Reduce design time from months to weeks.
  • Design exactly what your customers want.
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Practical lessons and extra support

  • Real-world practice. No boring theories, we promise.
  • Ask anything to your instructor via email
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Huge bang for your buck

  • Hiring professionals will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Upskill yourself and adopt a better product design strategy.

What makes a product successful?

Who is this course for?


Product managers & product owners needing a cost-effective & faster design strategy.


UX/UI professionals keen to learn Design Thinking and Design Sprint methods.


Entrepreneurs wanting to rapidly design a market-fit digital product.

What questions will it answer?


How to develop my idea into a viable solution?


How to speed up the process of launching a product into the market?


How to prioritise my product goals and plan?


How to design a product that people will love?

What will you learn?

Start with a problem, understand your users’ pain points, and create a product vision. Then, build a product plan with realistic goals. Finally, design and build a prototype for user testing through a series of high-impact activities. You’ll soon get clear answers for building and launching a market-viable product with your team.

Course syllabus

Week 1 VISION : Formulating a product vision from your idea

1.1 Refining your idea

1.2 Understanding your user

1.3 Mapping the user experience

Week 2 DISCOVER : Building the product plan

2.1 Defining viable product goals

2.2 Prioritising the product plan

2.3 Visualising your product

Week 3 & 4 DESIGN : Designing a solution & prototype

3.1 Note taking and idea writing

3.2 Brainstorming design

3.3 Defining the 3-step solution

3.4 Deciding on the best ideas

3.5 Planning the UI test flow

3.6 Drawing a product storyboard

3.7 Stitching a prototype

3.8 Conducting user interview

3.9 Creating user feedback and notes

3.10 Review and prioritise next course of actions

What’s included in the course?

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2.5 Hours of video

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Free extra resources

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Email lesson support

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Lifetime access with future updates

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Invites to upcoming webinars and workshops

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Self-paced study

Who is the instructor?

Alvin Hermanto
Relab Studios, Principal

Profile picture of Alvin Hermanto

Alvin Hermanto is a design leader passionate about quality, practicality, and human-centred design.

As founder of digital design agency, Relab, his clients include Australian household names in various industries. He has personally grown Relab to be one of Australia’s leading design sprint agencies, while clinching numerous awards since 2012.

His mission is simple: making the product design process easy and efficient. You’ll find him speaking at design sprint and business events or mentoring small businesses and startups in his spare time.

Brands we’ve designed for

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is there a pre-requisite for this course?

No. In fact, you don’t need any technical knowledge beyond a general understanding of product management and design.

2. What is not included in the syllabus?

We teach you one of the most efficient and fastest way to design digital products. But we don’t delve into the design how-tos such as user interface (UI) design, design patterns, and using Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD.

3. What type of products can you design with this course?

This course is for designing digital products such as software, apps, websites, and ecommerce stores. It’s not for designing physical products, that’s called industrial design.

4. How does the email lesson support work?

If you need more clarification on the lessons, you can email us anytime at with your questions. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

5. Will you get course content updates?

It is our goal to keep materials relevant to current industry needs and standards. We’ll update the course as needed, which you’ll get for free.

6. Which payment method do you accept?

Our course is hosted on Udemy and they accept major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other payment methods such as PayPal.

7. What if you need more help?

You can hire Alvin for consultation on your product design process, establishing productive teams and building a better workflow.

Got more questions?

Contact our team at

Plan, Design, Test & Fail Fast

4.5 Who’s loving the course?

A proven design strategy based on Design Thinking & Design Sprint

$59.99 $99

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